Training, equipment and nutrition will all have an impact on your performance on a ride or in a race, but the importance of what you eat can sometimes be overlooked. At CICLOPOWER we believe what you put in your body is as important as the time you spend on your bike!  

We offer general specific cycling nutrition to one on one nutritional plans. These take into account your current weight, what you eat on a weekly basis, the amount of liquid you drink and the calories you consume and expend.

We've helped many cyclist lose 2-3lbs per week to get to their ideal weight whilst maintaining strength. This is done by the proper nutritional ratio depending on your current activity levels.

Its amazing the amount of athletes we come across who spend thousands on bikes and kit but don't put the time and effort into the most important factor - NUTRITION!

The gains in recovery, mood, performance and enthusiasm when you change to a cleaner more nutritionally balanced eating plan is dramatic. When you replace your pasta for oatmeal, water for fizzy drinks, and green vegetables for white starchy vegetables, you can feel it.

CICLOPOWERsimply believe the quality and quantity of food and drink you put into your body reflects on your bike performance and we have the knowhow to help you achieve this.